How to use a Hawaiian sling spear

How to use a Hawaiian sling spear is a lesson that is passed from one generation to the next for fishing expeditions. The sling spear is a fishing tool used for underwater fishing in deep water masses. spear fishing is basically done while snorkeling whereby the person fishing trails the fish below and later dives to hit the fish with the spear. Though other methods of fishing have emerged, spear fishing is still popular in some regions. Hawaiian sling differs from other fishing spears such as hand spear while resembling slingshot. This is because the spear and the propelling device are normally separate unlike other fishing spear whose rubber loop is usually attached to the spear.

Distinct features of Hawaiian sling spear

Hawaiian sling spear has distinct features that make it a great underwater fishing tool. It has the following features;

  • Long pole– The sling spear has a long pole with a length of approximately 6-8 feet.
  • Spear head– On one end of the pole, a sharp spear head is attached. This is the most important part of the sling as it is the fish killer part of the weapon.
  • Rubber tube– An elastic rubber is attached at the extreme end of the pole opposite the spear head. The rubber tube is essential in making a successful shot.

Advantages of using Hawaiian sling spear

Hawaiian sling spear is preferred than other spear fishing tools due to the following reasons;

  • Easy and safer to use- This fishing tool is easy to use by both adults and young fishing enthusiasts as the tool does not have complicated features. The tool is safe to use as it is almost impossible for the tool to cause injuries to the user.
  • Affordable– Hawaiian fishing spear is cheaper than other fishing guns, making it affordable to majority fishing enthusiasts.
  • Efficient– This fishing tool is efficient in its fishing role since the elastic rubber loop provides the required velocity and force to the spear heat for a successful shot. In addition, when a shot misses the target, another one can be made immediately towards the same targeted fish.
  • Fun to use– Hawaiian sling offers more than a fishing experience as the fisher has to dive into deep waters for a shot. This helps the fisher to have a breath taking adventure of the underwater environment. This makes fishing a thrilling hobby.

How to use a Hawaiian sling spear

To learn how to use a Hawaiian sling spear for a successful fishing expedition the preparation of the tool is important. Here are some steps to help you in using the sling spear;

  • Prepare the spear– To prepare the spear, insert the spear head into the pole and fix it into the spear holder. Place the spear holder between the first and second fingers.
  • Fix the spear into the shooter– In order to make a successful shot, ensure that the spear is well fixed in the shooter cupped in the center of the palm for an excellent leverage.
  • Generate a shot– Once you have spotted a fish under the water, dive and grab the rubber pulling down the spear head of towards the target.