Bohemian Earspoon

Bohemian Earspoon is one of the pole-arm weapons whose design was inspired by the early medieval lugged spear. Bohemian culture was widely spread in Czech, Germany and other parts of Europe. This weapon is a spear having some features that are similar to those of the boar spear. The spear was developed for use in battle field and hunting in the woods. Due to movement of people from one region to the next, this spear has found its way into other continents especially in America where it is used for recreational hunting of big game animals such as boars.

History of the Bohemian earspoon

  • Bohemian earspoon is a spear designed and developed in the 14th The invention of this weapon is attributed to kingdoms in Central Europe where it was used for hunting in the woods and for military purposes. This weapon proved to be efficient for warriors in the region as it was not heavy hence easy to carry on the back of the horse. This weapon was used in Germany during the same period assuming the name Bohmischer Ohrloffel and in Czech Republic known by the name Usata Sudlice.
  • Later, between 15th and 16th century, other spears were developed in Germany and Austria with the original inspiration being borrowed from this spear. A good example is the Ahspiess spear, which has a long thick spike. This weapon was made artistically with the most important part for combat being the blade of the spear. However, with the spread of Bohemian as a lifestyle, many people have adopted use of this spear for recreational hunting activities around the world. Today, the Bohemina spear is available in the major online markets and other weapon stores round the world.

Features of a Bohemian earspoon

The bohemian earspoon has been classified among the popular hunting weapons ever used from the middle ages to the twentieth century. Its features are distinct though similar to other spears invented in by kingdoms in Europe who engaged in hunting and battles. Here are the features of bohemian earspoon;

  • Shaft– The shaft of a traditional Bohemian earspoon is derived from a wooden material. The shaft is long enough to provide a safe distance between the enemy or the target animal and the user of the spear. Also, the shaft which acts as a handle is light in weight to make easy for the user to handle the weapon effectively during combat.
  • Blade– The blade of this weapon is relatively short and sharp. The blade forms the head of the weapon and it’s the most important part that leads to the success of a hunting mission or victory in the battle during those days. The head has two lugs that are out turned to provide a guard. This guard prevents the wounded animal from finding its way up attacking the weapon user. This makes the weapon effective without use of a shield. The spear head of the Bohemian earspoon is broad with its neck being tacked into the tip of the shaft.