Boar Hunting Spear

Boar hunting spear has been used to play varying roles right from the ancient times. The spear was used for successful boar hunting till early Middle Ages during the 15th century. Also, the spear was used as a weapon during wars. The fact that the spear was strong gave the user higher chances of winning a fight as it could hook out the shields being used by opponents during combat hence exposing them. The spear had a capacity to withstand strong force without breaking. During combat, the user would easily and swiftly withdraw the spear from the victim’s fresh for further piercing leading to victory.

Features of boar hunting spear

The features of a bar hunting spear made it popular as a weapon for use in the forests for about two hundred years. The warriors would use it for hunting huge animals in the forests for meat, defense from dangerous animals and for combat in the butte fields. The spear was a great choice as warriors were using horses during the wars hence being an easy to carry weapon on the horse back in pursuit of the enemy. Due to invention of fire arms during 18th century, use of the spear in the battle field faded. However, the spear continued to be used especially in parts of Europe for hunting of big game animals. This spear has gone through multiple modifications to suit the modern needs in hunting. Here are the features of a boar hunting spear;

  • Thick blade– This spear has a thick blade measuring about 3/32 inches. The blade is sharp but short in size making up the spear head essential for piercing the targeted animal during hanting or opponent during combat.
  • Sheath– A short sized sheath is designed for the spear head. The sheath is essential for protecting the user when not using the spear for it is designed to cover the sharp blade. The sheath is strong to resist cutting from the sharp blades.
  • Lugs– This spear has two wings like lugs fixed on the spear socket located behind the blade. These lugs block the wounded boar from going up the shaft of the spear. The wings acts like a shield that protects the hunter from furious boar’s attacks that can be life threatening. The lugs eliminate the need for an extra shield hence leaving the other hand of the user free to control the horse or for extra support during combat if need be.
  • Handle– This hunting spear has a strong handle that facilitates a firm grip required for piercing the target. The handle is long enough measuring about 71 inches, to accommodate both hands handling if need be. The handle acts as the shaft of the spear with its extended length offering a safe distance between the wounded animal and the hunter. The handle is premium American ash shaft brand that offers an ideal material that prevents the hand from sliding during combat or hunting.
  • Overall length and weight– Boar hunting spear has an overall weight of 4 ¼ LBS and a length of 18 ½ inches. This makes it easy to handle.